There are many, many websites that will instruct you on what to do to get your gardening career started.

Because it's usually impossible to cover every situation, a lot is left unsaid. A very common mistake for the beginner to make is to assume that what works for one plant in one situation will work for all plants in all situations. That is where a lot of the problems start.

So, to be different, rather than give you a whole list of things to do to make your garden grow, we've decided to tell you what to avoid. We hope that that will make for a more rounded education as you putter around your flower beds.

Be aware that some of the information covered has been passed down from previous generations of gardeners and may appear a bit dated. I am aware that not very many gardeners use raw manure as fertilizer anymore but, 50 years ago when I was helping my dad in the garden, spreading the raw manure that we got from the farm next door was one of my more unpleasant tasks. And a lot has changed concerning attitudes toward pesticides. If you do come across references to products that no longer exist, just google the name to find a suitable replacement. However, most of the tips are timeless and will serve you as well now as they did fifty years ago when my dad used them.

Mistakes to avoid in growing perennials

Mistakes to avoid in growing annuals

Mistakes to avoid in growing bulbs

Mistakes to avoid in growing house plants

Mistakes to avoid in growing fruit

Mistakes to avoid in growing lawns

Mistakes to avoid in growing evergreens

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